In today's world there are limitless features of a smartphone which can be really practical

In today's world there are limitless features of a smartphone which can be really practical

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It can be hard to find the right smartphone for you, below are just a few features which you might want to be mindful of when settling on a brand-new one.

One thing that was previously a struggle for older phones was the lack of storage space they had on them. Today, one of the best uses of smartphones that are brand new on the market is the much-increased memory capacity they feature. This obviously differs based on the type of smartphone, but generally mobile phones can store a lot more data. In the past, consumers had to buy external memory cards for mobile phones which invariably weren’t very big; currently, these are in-built to phones and have a bigger storage, which means consumers aren’t required to delete photos or applications consistently. This brand new element is one thing the head of the investment firm that has a stake in Verizon should be pleased to see moving forward.

One thing that has become popular in brand new smart phones is the use of biometrics. Biometrics can be utilised to both unlock your phone and log into secure applications such as your online banking. You'll discover various types of biometrics used on modern phones, but two of the most used features on smartphones are fingerprints and facial recognition. These are great because they are much quicker and easier than typing in your password, as well as being more secure than simply using a password. Fear not, you can still use a code on your mobile as a backup in the event your fingers get too chilly and your fingerprint doesn't work! This improvement in technology is truly exciting for increased security on your phone, which can have a lot of sensitive and private information on. The optimisation of security functions on phones is one thing the head of the company that has shares in Apple will be eager to work towards in the next few years.

Among the functions which has become far more prominent in recent years is having the fast charge function on a phone. What started off as a niche thing has now become very commonplace, with most leading phones providing it. Of all the different features on smartphones, you will probably find this among the most advantageous, as it causes a lot less stress around battery life! Gone are the times when it takes several hours to charge your phone, only for the battery to die rapidly; today you can charge your smartphone in practically no time and you don’t have to worry about leaving it on charge through the night. As well as this, wireless charging is another one of the smartphone functions that has grown in popularity. Just putting your mobile on a charging dock rather than plugging it in can be quite advantageous when sat at your desk at work. These developments in functions of phones will be of interest to the founder of the fund that has stakes in AT&T for sure.

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